About Us

Once Upon a Natural Time

S.A.V.E the Grape was born from an idea of a bunch of Italian friends in London.
In every space, throughout time, nature has always found its way: the more that man has followed nature’s design, the greater the rewards he has reaped. Save the Grape was born with the aim of creating a revolutionary wine tasting experience of our time. In the Sex Pistols’ ‘God Save the Queen’, we found a verse that resonates with us: “We’re the poison in your human machine”.

The wine production process has progressively moved away from traditions, opening its doors to a more commercial approach resulting in new rules: the wine needs to have a certain colour, to be produced in large quantities and have a consistent taste throughout the years; it requires a pre-set ageing time and everything must be certified. For us, this is all wrong. We believe that wine should only conform to nature’s ‘rules’. Wine should tell its own story, without filters and obligations: naturally and sincerely.

For this reason we only select and meet Italian wine makers who love their product and do not adulterate it with industrialisation: beyond labels, certifications and added sulphites.
This also provides a guaranteed genuine selection of products in accordance with our supplier’s natural methods. We import Italian wines that are all unique and unrepeatable: like the Sex Pistols’ experiences.

We have spent years selecting them from the vast Italian landscape, and our commitment is rewarded by the unique benefits of finding a winemaker WHO SAVES HIS GRAPE.