Who is saving the Grape

Niccolo' Lari - La Svolta

"The ‘Azienda Agricola la Svolta’ comes from my great passion for wine. Its conception and name are borne following a change of direction both in my professional life and as a person: from office worker to ‘apprentice winemaker’. The desire to be part of a thousand-year-old culture: that of wine production, pushed me to create this company. It is located on the Florentine hills, where vines are bred following the organic method and respecting the surrounding environment.

I believe that the key factors to the production of wines of great quality and territorial expression are the attention to the well being of the vineyards through the least invasive workings possible and meticulous work in the cellar without the addition of chemical products unrelated to the naturalness of the grape.

Located in Malmantile, on the hills near Florence (a total area of fifteen hectares, 175 metres above sea level), the vineyards are mainly comprised of Sangiovese with the addition of some Trebbiano vines.

The annual production averages 15,000 bottles.

With the invaluable support of my family, I take care of the entire production cycle from the management of the vineyard, to the wine-making and the sale. 

From our olive trees we produce extra virgin olive oil, obtained through a cold extraction process. Finally, thanks to a passion for beekeeping, the company produces excellent honey."


Enzo (Vincenzo di Meo) - Controvento

“My company was founded in 1978 by my father and I have personally been looking after it for 11 years. Controvento is situated inside the protected area of Fosso delle Farfalle in the borough of Rocca San Giovanni, on a hill with an extension of 5 hectares, half a mile from the Adriatic Sea.”

Controvento’s vineyards range from 23 years old to 5 (the youngest, only a hectare wide). Grapes are mainly Montepulciano and Trebbiano, but also: Fiano, Passerina, Malvasia and Cabernet.

Controvento is certified BIO. The vineyards are biologically cultivated, fertilized with winter green manure and pruned under the falling moon. Every wine is spontaneously fermented, not clarified and not filtered; mainly produced and aged in steel barrels,  with the exception of two wines, whose ageing process takes place in clay amphoras from Impruneta (Tuscany).


Luca - Insolente Vini

An ‘Insolente’ wine is the only possible result of a shamelessly bold idea! 

“Insolente is a family project that draws its origins from our passion for life, community, nature and territory; the wine is simply a natural consequence of this heritage and ethos.” ( L. Elettri )

The journey started three generations ago, when the vineyards of the house grapes were given to the cooperative social cellar, retaining a small part for self-consumption by the Elettri family.
Today, Insolente: founded by Francesca, Andrea and Martina, the children of Luca, bears the fruit of the family’s hard work.

Located in Soave in Monteforte d’Alpone, in the hillside vineyards of Garganega, our plants are over 50 years old. These are dispersed in heterogeneous soils which allow a wide expression of very different identities. 

Our aim is to move away from the methods currently used in wine-making, which are burdened by intensive production and overuse of chemicals that have, over time, impoverished the wine supply in our region. 

The resulting ‘Insolente’ range is purposely variegated: revealing the differences and identities of indigenous varieties enhanced by dramatically different soils. 

Our range includes wines that are refermented in the bottle; reds from rented vineyards in Valpolicella in Marcellise and in Lapio in the Berici Hills; a classic method sparkling wine mainly made from Durella from a 70 year old vineyard in Brenton and a Pinot Grigio from vineyards in Castegnero on the Riviera Berica. 

The result is 12 ‘Insolente’ Wines (from ‘in-solito’: not usual, confident, bold) totaling 25,000 bottles a year.