insolente natural sparkling white wine

Insolente Frizzante RM 4

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Light and fresh, yeasty and bubbly, this wine is very easy to drink and perfect for a midsummer night.

Type: Sparkling Wine

Number of bottles produced: 4650

Volume: 10.5%

Grape: Garganega

Location: North East of Italy - Monteforte d’Alpone (Verona)

Soil: Volcanic soil with a presence of clay

Description: All Insolente wines are a result of Biodynamic agriculture.

This wine comes from a seventy-year old vineyard where, at the optimum time of the season, the grapes are handpicked upon reaching perfect maturation. The bunches are stemmed, soft pressed and spontaneously fermented in cement tanks after resting for twelve days at room temperature. Racking and resting on the fine sediments until May, when the wines get bottled and Garganega must is added for the second fermentation.

Serving temperature: 10-12 C